Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Songs For Us To Sing" / New Songs

Songs For Us To Sing has been out about a month now, and we will be celebrating the release of it tomorrow night; Friday, April 30 in Denver at the Hi Dive.  Mehko and Ocean Birds will be playing (you really don't wanna miss it if you haven't seen them) as well as Bad Weather California and Heavy Drags.

See what some people are saying about it:

We have already dove head first into the next album, which we hope will be done in less than 18 months.  The album is 11 tracks right now.

These are the completed songs, and what you may hear at shows:

Street Magician Pt. 1
Street Magician Pt. 2
Coats on

We will be starting the recording in the next month.  We can't wait for it.  

For now, we will be selling "Songs For Us To Sing" at shows, or you can buy it online at our myspace.  The hard copy comes in a double pocket cardstock case.  Each case is hand numbered (1-200 for the first batch).  The covers were hand rolled for the yellow strip, and then we used a wood block and a press for the text and images on top of the strip.  The CDs are replicated and will play in any CD player.  Legit.  And there is a full-color 20 page booklet (thanks to Josh House for the layout and Citizen for the great print job) inside including all of the lyrics and art made by Anna.  We had a fun time making the cds... hope you enjoy!

Here's some downlowds:::::